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Date: 1/21/2018 8:49 AM EST

Geace morning on this sufficient and satisfying Saturday.
One of the most crucial lessons to learn as a Believer is how to handle suffering. In this fallen world, suffering is a certainty. It may be the physical suffering that goes with living in these frail bodies that get sick. It may be the grief of watching a loved one suffer. It may be problems stemming from your own shortcomings  or from others mistreatment  against you. It may be the common pressures of life, of providing a living and wondering how you’re going to pay all the bills. It may be the emotional suffering of struggling with feelings of inadequacy, loneliness, anger, worry, or fear. But wherever it comes from, suffering is inevitable. And, it will make you grow bitter or better, depending on how you handle it.
George Muller used to tell the story of a boy who was walking along the road carrying a heavy load. A man came along in a horse-drawn cart and offered him a ride. The boy climbed in the cart, but he kept the heavy load on his shoulders. When the man asked him why he didn’t put the load down on the cart, the boy replied that he didn’t want to burden the horse! We’ve climbed into the cart of care, compassion  and concern through Christ. He is in fact bearing our load. Why don’t we let go and put it all on Him?
Some people are prone to doubt two things in a time of intense trial: God’s sovereign control over their circumstances:  And, ultimately doubt His concern for their crises.
“You’re my place of quiet retreat; I wait for your Word to renew me.”
‭‭Psalm‬ ‭119:114‬ ‭MSG‬‬
When you trust God in every situation and remain faithful to His word; He will take complete control of your current crises.
Live, love, and laugh your way through this splendid Saturday!

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