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Date: 2/11/2018 2:06 PM EST

Grace morning on this seismic and sufficient Sunday.
All too often, we easily conclude that we receive blessings when we obtain good things. In most cases, this is true since God is the giver of every “good gift and every perfect gift” (James 1:17). However, it is sad to note that our human nature and our natural tendency is to think of God only when things get rough.
When we enjoy good things, we are easily get side-tracked and forget God. When we are sufficient and lacking nothing, we think that we can make it on our own without the help of God. The enemy will attempt to lure you into thinking that your own power and strength made these blessings possible.
When we have enough food on our table, how easy and insincere we might be in praying “give us this day our daily bread” compared to when we barely have enough to eat and would still worry about our next meal.
This is evident when we as a nation face a calamity. People are urged to pray.
All too often than not, people easily remember God when difficult times are up ahead or is already here.
“Because he will shelter me in his own dwelling during troubling times; he will hide me in a secret place in his own tent; he will set me up high, safe on a rock.”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭27:5‬ ‭CEB‬‬
There is nothing wrong with enjoying God’s blessings. In fact, God wants us to experience the abundance of life. It is through God’s grace, mercy and love that we are sustained. It is only when we develop this kind of thinking that we will truly be blessed.
Live, love, and laugh your way through this sensational and satisfying Sunday!

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