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Date: 2/23/2018 9:07 AM EST

Grace morning on this fresh and fabalous Friday.
Life is good on the mountaintops of celebration. But no matter how much we’d like to spend our lives up there, we need to walk through the valleys of challenges, too. Life is tough in the valleys. Still, there are valuable lessons we can learn in the valleys that we could never learn if we stayed on the mountaintops.
If you find yourself walking through a valley right now, let God teach you as He walks alongside you. Don’t stray from studying scriptures that will encourage you while traveling through your temporary valley of trouble and trials.
Many times in our lives we find ourselves in the middle of the valley, We are weak, tired, empty and alone. We feel so far from the presence and peace of God. And when we call on Him we feel like we get a busy signal.
There will be times when you’re face a valley of detour.
Realize that what is a detour to you because it’s unexpected, is  just part of the expected path God has for your life.
Even though you don’t know where the detour will lead, God does. Lift your eyes beyond your circumstances to God and trust Him to guide you well.
“Thanks be to God, who gives us this victory through our Lord Jesus Christ! As a result of all this, my loved brothers and sisters, you must stand firm, unshakable, excelling in the work of the Lord as always, because you know that your labor isn’t going to be for nothing in the Lord.”
‭‭1 Corinthians‬ ‭15:57-58‬ ‭CEB‬‬
Life is 10% about what happens to us and 90% about how we react to what happens to us! If you develop a "woe is me" attitude concerning the events of life, then you are going to be easy pray for the devil.
Live, love, and laugh your way through this incredible and fantastic Friday!

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