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Date: 1/29/2018 9:05 AM EST

Grace morning on this meaningful and marvelous Monday.
God reminds us to choose joy in whatever we face, confident that He is working even through every trial and hard place, to bring us greater endurance. We never gain greater strength and spiritual muscles simply by living an “easy” life. We can only build deeper faith and perseverance by walking through the hard times that press us more closely into His Presence.
Unless we experience difficulty and suffering, we cannot truly help another soul who faces loss and pain. It’s only through our own pain and grief, or hardship, that we can have a fuller understanding of what others walk through as well. There’s great comfort in knowing that God will use what we have experienced, no matter how difficult, to help someone else. Christ Himself suffered and tempted in “all things” so that we’re reminded He truly understands “all” that we walk through in this life.
Through every trial and storm we encounter in life, God will use it to make a mark in this world. The troubles we walk through can bring glory to Him. He will use our lives, the joy and faith we have, in spite of our problems, to draw others to Himself, and to help us to remember that what we see around us, is not all there is. For He has more in store. And it is greater than we can ever imagine…
“Don’t let this throw you. You trust God, don’t you? Trust me.”
‭‭John‬ ‭14:1 MSG‬‬
May His Presence surround you in the storm you might be facing right now.
Live, love, and laugh your way through this magnificent and meaningful Monday!

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