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Date: 2/21/2018 8:38 AM EST

Grace morning on this wonderful and winsome Wednesday.
Have you ever considered that your darkest hour can bring God’s greatest victory.
Sometimes it may seem like the enemy surrounds you everywhere, it may be that moment in your life that you feel alone. These are the times when no one on earth can truly understand what you are feeling and why. There are even times when you may try to find comfort in friends, in family, but for the most part of it, no one is there when you really need someone to talk to.
During these times even thou it may not seem so, God is right there. You may feel God is not around, But God wants you to remember that he will never leave you by yourself; he will never forsake you, he knows your pain and with every situation you go through,  he is there to help you and most of all to heal your hurt and pain.
Trust in God and be confident that whenever or whatever your darkest hour may be, you won't face it alone, God wants you to cast your care on him because he cares for you. God wants you to know that no matter what situation you face He is there and his way is there to light your path.
“When you’re in over your head, I’ll be there with you. When you’re in rough waters, you will not go down. When you’re between a rock and a hard place, it won’t be a dead end— Because I am GOD, your personal God, The Holy of Israel, your Savior.”
‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭43:2-3a MSG‬‬
You can come through your darkest hour with God’s strength and wisdom to guide you from your shadow of darkness. Be strong; be brave for God is right there with you!
Live, love, and laugh your way through this weary and worry-less Wednesday!

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