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Joy of Worshipping at NPRC

We are grateful that God directed us to become a part of NPRC family, where the main focus is on exalting the Savior, equipping the shepherd, edifying the saints and energizing the servants. We have been equipped, edited, and energized to continue our commitment and dedication to an Awesome Redeemer.

NPR has been blessed with an aciculate, visionary-strategic pastor leader. Every member is encouraged to assist the pastor in fulfilling the vision that God as given to him for the church. Pastor believes that the Bible is the inspired and inerrant Word of God and is the original authority on every church matter. He encourages and equips us to grow in discipleship. Pastor Bell’s expository preaching begins and ends with scripture.

The Wednesday night “L.I.F.E. “Class and Sunday morning “F.U.E.L” classes are the discipleship arms of the church that has helped us to grow in our knowledge of God and each other as we worship and fellowship together. Lastly, our caring, concerned, and committed Pastor- Servant, ministers to us daily through a powerful sermonic “text” message. To God be the glory, for NPR Baptist Church!!
-Raymond and Leola Clayborn

My joy and Worshiping experience at New Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church has been nothing but good. The spirit is truly alive in the place. The angel of the house Dr. Billy L Bell Sr. Pastor teaches and preaches nothing but the infallible word of God. So if you're looking to be disciples this would be the place where there is Love, Liberty and peace.
-Reverend Anthony McCoy

I have truly been blessed since becoming a member of New Pilgrim Rest MBC. I enjoy the men cave and Tuesday morning worship, pastor on Wednesday night and Sunday morning preaching of my Pastor Dr. Billy Bell
-Raymond Clayborn

It is an honor for me giving this testimonial I have great joy in my worshiping at New Pilgrim Rest. I great joy when my Pastor sends the daily devotionals. Because that's when well I don't know but a lot of times it seems like he has ESP. He reminds me that Jesus is always with me. I get great joy in that. How does Pastor Bell know if Jesus didn't tell him what to send every day. Almost 90% of times I need him to say what he says. That's because every time I'm going through something he is right there with me. And I have to respond and let him know. And I say a joke. And I really appreciate him for being him because it could be a machine but it is real.And I thank God for sending me to this great church with this great Pastor and teacher with a great since of humor. That is never to busy and is always on Point.
-Angela Hicks

I enjoy worshipping and being a member at New Pilgrim Rest tremendously. My Pastor is not only a man of God, but he is a knowledgeable inspiration to me and my family. I enjoy the fact that I am not only fed the Word of God but I am given the extra encouragement from my Pastor. Since joining, I have become a better Christian and my faith has become stronger. There is no place I would rather continue my spiritual journey than at Pilgrim Land.
-Jackie Tolbert

"If you can believe, ALL things are possible to him who believes"

What I like about worshipping at NPRMBC is that the sermons seem to be tailor made for me. The atmosphere is wonderful, the members are welcoming, and the Pastor well there’s none other!! Words can’t describe Pastor Bell to know him is to love him. A true God send that is available to his members at all times.
-Fatra Thomas

As Solomon described the parameters of his search for meaning in life, he used words that are translated into English as "mirth," "laughter" and "pleasure," all of which we normally associate with joy. These are the feelings I get when I worship at New Pilgrim Rest Missionary Baptist Church, walking through doors hearing the message from the pastor and the songs from the choir feels my heart with Joy, I walk in with a clear mind and Good Spirit and I walk out with a Clear Educated Mind and a Joyful Spirt. Joy in my heart, walk and speech.
-Roshonda Edgar

I really enjoy worshipping at New Pilgrim Rest because I know the Word will be rightly divined
-Leo Carter

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